How do you get the vitamins in the teabag?

How do you get the vitamins in the teabag?

Eloments Organic Vitamin tea blends some of the best fair trade ingredients in the world - from Egyptian peppermint, to bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, and boutique Ceylon tea grown on family farms - with all natural vitamins.


The Nutrients

The nutrients in Eloments are extracted using a water extraction process, so no solvents, carriers, or excipients are used. Absolutely nothing synthetic is added at any stage, giving us USDA Organic certified vitamins directly from fruits, herbs and botanicals.

Along with the primary nutrient, other co-factors and co-nutrients are extracted from the fruits and vegetables as well, so the nutrient’s environment can be mimicked as much as possible in our teas.


How do the vitamins get in the tea bag?

After two years of research and developments, we created a patented process that blends our plant-based vitamins with fair trade teas in a way that won’t harm the nutrients.

We first take our organic nutrients and our teas, spices and herbs, and blend them using a hand-turned 5kg blending drum.

Once perfectly blended, the ingredients head to our accredited tea packers, where they pack our delicious blends into plastic-free teabags.

Once all of that is done, then our teas are ready for your cup!

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