Urban Defence with Zinc
Urban Defence with Zinc
Urban Defence with Zinc
Urban Defence with Zinc
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Urban Defence with Zinc

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Lovely tea, really nice flavour.

Rosemaree Matta

Urban Defence with Zinc

Viktor Ruzinov
The best tea I have try in Sydney

Very nice tea love the taste as it is, no adds. Congratulation for this awesome product.

Mary Stafrace ok
Urban Defence with Zinc

Love love the flavour

A little disappointing

I was expecting this tea to be sweet and fruity but it doesn’t have much flavour at all. I was hoping I wouldn’t need to add milk but I think I will need to…

Urban Defence with Zinc

4 Gift Boxes, Each with 6 Fairtrade Teas. The perfect small delight

Regular price $7.99

Certified Organic

Certified Fairtrade

GMO Free


Plastic Free Tea bags

Recyclable pack

Free from: Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Nuts

Sugar free

Eloments Urban Defence combines ripened raspberry, pomegranate and blueberry blended with rooibos, rosehip and cornflower for a smooth and rich tea with hints of honey.

Every cup of Urban Defence is also enriched with 100% natural extract of guava, which is rich in zinc (see nutritional panel). Zinc is an important mineral that is necessary for normal immune systems function and contributes to cell protection from free radicals.

To help you find your groove during the day and to look great while you’re doing it, zinc also contributes to the maintenance of normal skin and nails. 

In a world of mass production, this infusion is the antithesis to that; many of the herbs we use are grown on small-scale farms by people who work with their environment, not against it. It will inspire you every morning.


Eloments Urban Defence Tea is the go-to tea for people who care about their wellbeing and wellbeing of the world. Each cup gives you a serve of zinc and is a powerful blend of organic ingredients, chosen for taste and nutrition.


The zinc in Eloments is extracted, along with co-nutrients and co-factors, from organic guava using a water extraction method, so no artificial additives such as binders or fillers are added during any stage of production.

Fair pay

Historically, 3rd world farmers have struggled to achieve a reasonable price for their crops, but Fairtrade guarantees a minimum price per kg which is around 260% higher than the avg price. 

Undecided what blend you would like to try? Click here to view our limited sampler pack offer for $7.99 and you can try them all.

Nutritional information

Our ingredients list does not contain vitamins, that’s because we don’t add synthetic vitamins. Instead we blend nutrient-rich extracts from organic herbs, fruits and botanicals, along with other co-factors and co-nutrients present in the plant, to aid absorption.

Meet our accredited nutritionist who advises us on nutritional blending.

Read about each nutrient here and why they are essential to the human body.


  • Egyptian Mint Tea (decaf spearmint & peppermint),
  • Bourbon Vanilla (black vanilla tea with chai tea style spices),
  • Citrus Boost (green tea with ginger & lemon), &
  • Urban Defence (decaf rooibos tea with rosehips, berries, & pomegranate).

Dosage & Directions.

Eloments is formulated to give you a boost of essential vitamins and minerals throughout the day, to support a healthy diet. So 1 serve per day is usually adequate. On the days when you had coffee for breakfast (naughty you), skipped lunch and had pastries at that evening work function you couldn’t get out of, we recommend 2 serves.

Dosage 1-2 per day


Brew 1 tea bag in 95 degree water for 5 minutes.

Notice any dust in the tea envelope? This is our beautiful fruit and herbal extracts, please tip this goodness into your cup.

What a brilliant concept - a daily cup of tea containing a healthy hit of vitamins! The tea varieties taste amazing! Eloments is an absolute winner. Can’t wait until this tea is on the supermarket shelves - Tim Stewart

‘I just enjoyed my free sample of the Eloments Ceylon Breakfast tea! ...Can't wait to buy it in stores.’ Kim Starr