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Organic vitamins & minerals extracted
from Certified Organic herbs, fruits & botanicals

Certified Organic vitamin & minerals

The nutrients in Eloments are extracted, along with co-nutrients and co-factors from herbs, fruits and other botanicals using a patented water extraction method pioneered by Orgenetics Inc. No solvents, excipients, free-flow agents or other carriers of any kind are used.

The only ingredients are from nature's cornucopia of wonderful ingredients such as lemons, holy basil, gauva and amla. 

Because of the purity of the product and the tea format, there is no irritation to the stomach, unlike with some pill-based supplements.

The vitamins and minerals are standardised to ensure the stated level is present in each gram, so rather than taking a pill, you can sip a delicious cup of tea to get a range of essential vitamins and minerals. 

It's time to go natural

Unlike most vitamin supplements which are made from synthetic substances, Eloments is 100% natural.

You also won't find any hidden binders, fillers or nasties like borax and unlike vitamin capsules or food-grade plastic.

Eloments is Certified Organic and therefore guaranteed to be free of anything synthetic, including manufacturing aids.

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How does hot water affect the nutrients

The vitamins in Eloments are water soluable and are not damaged by hot water, in fact, the hotter the water the more the nutrients are extracted….

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The science behind Eloments

Vitamins: behind the science video

What exactly happens to vitamins and minerals when they are processed? Watch this short video as it explains why vitamins in their natural form are better for you and the environment.

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Standardisation: ensuring the right amount of nutrient is in each tea bag

Standardizing is the process where it is guaranteed that an extract has a specific percentage of a vitamin or mineral. 

You can read the nutrient panel on the side of every pack to see what % of the daily recommended amount is available in each tea bag, or check the nutrient levels of each tea on the Nutrient tab on the product page.

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How do you know if a nutrient is from nature or synthetic?

The ingredients list on the label will tell you; nutrients from wholefood and other natural sources will list the plant or food ingredient, whereas products that contain synthetic nutrients will contain the name of the vitamin.

For example, with vitamin C most supplements will list something like ‘ascorbic acid’ as the source of vitamin C, whereas Eloments lists ‘amla’, which is the plant source.

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