The best things in life are free, the rest should be fairly traded

Certified Fairtrade - ensures producers are paid fairly

We like to remove the shadow of doubt and utilise a certified Fairtrade supply chain. Fairtrade audits the whole supply chain, including payments to producers.

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Sri Lankan farmers are paid 260%
more for their tea

Our single-origin Ceylon black tea comes from two Fairtrade co-operatives in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. Fairtrade pays on average 260% more per kg of tea leaf to small-holder farmers than what they would get outside of the Fairtrade system.

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Getting started: our trading activity to date



Raw materials




Co-operatives purchased from



paid to farmer’s


Taking care of the environment - certified Organic

Eloments is certified organic, which, along with restrictions on artificial pesticide and herbicide use in farming, also includes regulations around protection of the immediate environment.

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Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, Ethical Tea partnership etc: a comparison

We did an assessment of all the social certifications available to a businesses against criteria such as fair pay to farmers, reasonable working conditions (using ILO standards). Fairtrade was the standout certification system which fulfilled our criteria.

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