Is Eloments natural?

Absolutely. The vitamins and minerals contained in Eloments are 100% natural. They are extracted from fruits, vegetables and other botanicals using a water extraction method.

Can you taste the vitamins and minerals in the tea?

Because our vitamins come from natural fruit and herbal extracts, they tend not to give the intense flavour that some synthetic vitamins can have. You may notice an earthier taste to some of our teas, but our brews have been carefully blended to be absolutely delicious.

Do Eloments tea bags contain plastic?

Heck no! We make sure we source tea bag paper that is completely free of polyproplene plastic (or any kind of plastic, for that matter).

Are your teas free of things like gluten and dairy?

Our teas are gluten, dairy, GMO, nut, soy and sugar free.

Are your teas vegan?

Eloments is 100% vegan. This is actually not a silly question, as although you would assume tea would be vegan, some teas (because of the flavours they add) are not vegan.

Does boiling water affect the vitamins in Eloments?

Great questions! Our independent lab testing showed that steeping the vitamins in boiling water actually extracts more of the nutrients than room temperature water, that's why we recommend brewing your tea for 5 minutes. Notice some powder on the inside of your tea envelope? That's our beautiful fruit and herbal extracts! Tip these into your cup as well to get all the goodness

Where can I buy Eloments from?

Go to our Store Locator page to check stores around the world!

Is there any sugar in your tea?


Why are there no vitamins listed in your ingredients?

Unlike many supplements, we're not adding lab-made synthetic vitamins. Instead we blend nutrient-rich extracts from organic herbs and fruits, such as the lemon extract and guava extract you see in our ingredients.

Is all your packaging recyclable?

Not quite, all of the packaging is plastic free except the envelope the tea bags come in (which has 20% plastic). We are working on this however and are hoping to start using a new wrapper that is plastic free soon.