Free Eloments Vitamin Tea Samples for wholesale customers

Order any 16 units from CLF Distribution to receive a free carton of 50 samples!

Order any 16 units of Eloments & receive 50 complimentary vitamin tea samples!


We partner with CLF Distribution to bring Eloments Organic Vitamin Tea to leading retailers around the UK. For a short time, we are distributing a carton of 50 free samples with each order from CLF of 16 units or more. 

Leading retailers trial new products regularly

As you know, shoppers like to try new products, and that’s especially true for specialty tea drinkers (the average one has over 4 packs in their pantry at any one time!). But you don’t want products sitting on your shelf that won’t sell, hence we are supercharging Eloments in-store presence with free samples and a sample display carton. 

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Here’s what you’ll receive!

A mixed carton of: 

  • Individually wrapped Eloments Summer Orange Tea Bags
  • Individually wrapped Eloments Egyptian Mint Tea Bags
  • Individually wrapped Eloments Ceylon Breakfast Tea Bags


  • Bonus free pack of Urban Defence when it arrives in the UK before Christmas

Sit back and wait for your samples to arrive Sleeping Face on Google

Here’s how this promotion will work:

  1. Order 16 or more units from CLF Distribution
  2. Receive a confirmation email to say that we’ve been notified that you have ordered
  3. You will receive your free samples in the mail within 10 days of order
  4. Put the display carton in a prominent place and hand out free samples to your delighted customers

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Don’t have an account with CLF Distribution, the UK’s leading health foods wholesaler? Click through to open one now (when you purchase Eloments, we will still be alerted to send your free samples). 

What do people think about Eloments?

"Tastes great and is an easy way to get some sneaky extra vitamins in. One of the best teas I've ever had. I LOVE that it's organic and fair-trade and will be continuing to have this tea!"
- Adriana Pignataro
"All about the environment and supporting fair trade.
Smells delicious, tastes great and is the perfect way to get your daily dose of essential vitamins. 5/5 ❣️"
- Renee Chau
"I was sent the free summer orange sample, I'm a real tea lover but I'm not really into fruit teas , I'm a "pyramid" tea drinker, I've just tried this sample and can honestly say, I want more xxx at first it was just like warm water with a slight aroma, I left it to infuse for just over 5 mins and then you get the flavour, thank you and I can't wait to try more of your range"
- Carrol Getty
"I received free samples for my workplace and my colleagues loved them as do I! It has the essential vitamins that we need to get through that day! awesome stuff ladies."
- Joanne Baker 
"Eloments Vitamin Tea is wonderful. I loved it, it tasted natural, was tasty, good for me, and the flavours are natural too. I felt invigorated and refreshed as I drank the tea, and it uplifted me too. I felt more awake too. I felt I was doing my whole body and mind a big flavour by drinking Eloments tea, my body was feeling better, less sluggish, more awake and more hydrated and refreshed at my desk. Happy to sip all day long!!"
- Ariane Bowie

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