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Summer Orange
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Summer Orange

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Summer Orange

Green tea, sunny orange, lemongrass and fennel...

Certified Organic

Certified Fairtrade

GMO Free


Plastic Free Tea bags

Recyclable pack

Free from: Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Nuts

Sugar free



Eloments Summer Orange is a zingy fusion of citrus that balances orange, lemongrass and fennel with our naturally sweet, high mountain green tea. 

Each tea bag also contains over 40% of the recommended daily intake of B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, C and zinc, all derived from nutrient rich herbs, fruits and botanicals. 


The green tea in Summer Orange is sourced from the Xitou Fairtrade Organic Farmers' Co-op in the Wuyuan region of China near the Yellow Mountains. Xitou is a pristine, environmentally protected area that is a traditional tea growing region. It even has it's own 'tea university'!

Fair pay

Not only is Xitou's tea Fairtrade, it is processed in a factory owned by the Farmer's co-operative.

Deliciousness factor

We sold this tea years ago (without the vitamins) and it built up a fervent and loyal following. It was so popular we received numerous, desperate emails from people petitioning us to start selling it again. Need we say more!

Nutritional information

All Eloments tea blends contain between 40-100% of the recommended daily amount of 9 essential vitamins and minerals. All batches are tested for nutrient levels at typical brewing temperatures (95ºC) so we can assure quality and integrity of the product.

Meet our accredited nutritionist who advises us on nutritional blending.

Read about each nutrient here and why they are essential to the human body.



China green tea, orange peel, lemongrass, fennel, natural non-organic orange flavour,  lemon extract, holy basil extract, guava extract, amla extract, sesbania extract, annatto extract.

Our ingredients list does not contain vitamins, that’s because we don’t add synthetic vitamins. Instead we blend nutrient-rich extracts from organic herbs, fruits and botanicals, along with other co-factors and co-nutrients present in the plant, to aid absorption. Read more here.

Dosage & Directions.

Eloments is formulated to give you a boost of essential vitamins and minerals throughout the day, to support a healthy diet. So 1 serve per day is usually adequate. On the days when you had coffee for breakfast (naughty you), skipped lunch and had pastries at that evening work function you couldn’t get out of, we recommend 2 serves.

Dosage 1-2 per day


Brew 1 tea bag in just boiled water for a minimum of 3 minutes. Enjoy without milk or sugar.
What a brilliant concept - a daily cup of tea containing a healthy hit of vitamins! The tea varieties taste amazing! Eloments is an absolute winner. Can’t wait until this tea is on the supermarket shelves - Tim Stewart

‘I just enjoyed my free sample of the Eloments Ceylon Breakfast tea! ...Can't wait to buy it in stores.’ Kim Starr